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In Universal Football League you can play against the computer to win a classic American football game and receive scores based on your stats throughout the game. This allows you to play multiple games and try to best your score. There's some known issues in the early version of the game but please leave any feedback that you may have in the comments! I will absolutely stay working on implementing and fixing any feedback from the community so thank you in advance for your early support. I won't be pushing a patreon or any other service for this game so you can look forward to playing it for free for a while. Best of luck in UFL and I look forward to reading your feedback!


  • As you can already see art is not one of my strengths so if you would like to help out you can contact me @ my email: b3caiden@gmail.com (because this is a hobby project I am not 'hiring' anyone. If you do contribute you will definitely get your name in the game as well as on the game's Itch.io page.)

Install instructions

  • Unzip / Extract the files from the .zip folder
  • Run the .exe in the new folder 
  • Make sure that the folder contains the _data file 
  • If you need any other help contact me 


UFLGame 17 MB

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